About Tesora Fashions

Tesora Fashions Offers:

Reversible, Mix & Match Stylish Clothes for Everyday & Everywear

High-quality, comfortable fashions made in the USA

Related pieces to create a versatile wardrobe

Maximum wardrobe impact with styles in solid colors and prints

Our Concept

Solid Colors and Prints all designed to go together and offer women a way to create various looks and outfits from just a few items of clothing. Want to get your hands on our exclusive pieces? Tesora Fashions is sold at many Independent Fashion Retailers as well as through Special Events. Contact Tesora Fashions These pieces were all designed to go together – wherever you go, however you live! Great color selections make mixing, matching and accessorizing simple. The solids and prints not only go together, but can mix with other collections to create multiple outfits from just a few pieces.

Our Color Collections

Take A Long Tunic

Reversible Poncho Skirt and Reversible Timeless Tank