The Founder’s Story

Brenda Beckelman, Founder & CEO

Every great company has a unique story that inspired someone to become its founder. For Tesora Fashions, my story and inspiration began in the summer of 2009.  Prior to that, my career in the Hospitality industry required me to travel extensively around the globe. Brenda Beckelman I was on the go and living out of a suitcase for weeks at a time.

During a break in my work schedule in the summer of 2009, an unexpected and life-changing experience occurred.  My husband Jeff and I were asked to host two children from an orphanage in Mariupol, Ukraine.  Natasha, age 13, and Sasha, age 8, visited our California home for three months—an opportunity for them to experience life in America.  Despite the language barrier, with a combination of sign language and phrase book Russian, we managed to communicate and form very strong bonds.

We took an extended vacation; Disneyland, Sea World in Southern California, Mt. Shasta, horseback riding and hiking in Northern California, white water rafting in Oregon, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Las Vegas for a glimpse of the glitter and glamour.  It was a fun-filled, amazing summer for everyone, but when the summer ended, the children had to return to Ukraine.

Their dreams were to be part of a family and saying goodbye was difficult, painful and tearful.  I promised them that, if they could be adopted, we would come to Ukraine and bring them home.  Four months later, the adoptions were accomplished and we were together as a family at Christmas.  A new era began for all of us!

As part of the adoption process, I had traveled to Ukraine for what was to be a one week stay.  During my visit, the SARS Flu epidemic occurred–exit from the country came to a halt.  For six long weeks, I lived with the restrictions and inflexibility of a limited wardrobe.  During my years of traveling for work, I had encountered similar wardrobe challenges.  I tell this story because, although I didn’t realize it at the time, these experiences planted the seeds of what would become Tesora Fashions.

Fast forward a few years to a vacation in Mexico and Belize and the “Ah Ha!” moment.  I realized that airline restrictions made packing one of the biggest obstacles in planning a successful and truly enjoyable holiday experience, especially for women.  Traveling required a lot of clothing and accessories to be comfortable and stylish.  This was a problem that needed a solution and the seeds planted a few years earlier began to germinate.  In Belize, the name Tesora occurred to me as a company name—a feminine version of the Spanish word for treasure.

My idea to create a unique line of women’s travel clothing began to sprout and then to flower.  It has evolved from the realm of travel to include styles for every day wear that take you everywhere you need to go.

We make shopping for women’s fashions simple, easy and fun as we showcase of exclusive line of reversible, mix & match styles at various retail boutique locations or Trunk Shows, Fashions Shows, Pop-Ups and Showcase Style Events. Mix, Match, Reverse, Dress Up or Dress Down the possibilities are endless with Tesora Fashions.

We are always looking for events and retailers who know a great opportunity when they see one…or better yet, the chance to try one on!