How To Take Awesome Travel Photos With SmartPhone

A little bit of planning and you can take awesome travel photos!

Your smartphone makes it possible to take awesome travel photos! The phone of the 21st century has very little in common with the phone of the past.

Not only is it a phone, but it is a map, a calendar, a radar detector, a game or Gameboy, a Rolodex, not to mention an awesome camera!

How To Take Awesome Travel Photos

Taking awesome travel photos with your phone just requires a little bit of planning.

Be Still: The phone is your camera so stop walking to take your photos!!

Just like the cameras of the past, you will get the best travel photos when you stop, stand still or even position your phone with some support such as on a railing.

Think About Composition: Look for the lines in your photo composition. Compose in thirds, meaning important lines within the composition should be at the 1/3 lines.

A tree, the horizon, a railing will make the whole photo look better when they fall on one of the horizontal or vertical third lines. Notice how the photo below, taken on Mt. Fuji, Japan, is composed with the horizon line at a 1/3 mark and the darker mountain rock on the right at another 1/3 line.

Now that is an awesome travel photo!


Odd numbers in general will look better. A photo with 3 people will look better than one with two or four.

Look At The Full View: What is in the full viewfinder of the camera?

Yes, you can zoom before or after and crop, but that reduces the quality. If you want a printable travel photo of the best quality possible, frame the shot to fill your full screen.

Adjust The Point Of Focus:  If you tap the screen you can focus on one area of the screen to give more emphasis to it.

This is helpful in different light situations as well as shots that include close and distant parts of the image. What do you want to be in focus?

Tell A Story In The Photo:
What story do you want to tell with this photo?

Don’t just willy-nilly take photos! Think about how you feel and what you want to remember and tell others about.

Very few people travel these days with a camera and a phone!

The nature of the phone, a walking and talking device, makes for not-so-great pictures.  When you put a little thought into each shot, though, you will have awesome travel photos that look as good as those from a professional camera!

How To Take Awesome Travel Photos With SmartPhone

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