Shop For The Best Summer Fabrics

Here in Florida, these really hot days have gotten me thinking about the best summer fabrics…

In summer, especially when vacationing or cruising, you want to dress well, but also be comfortable!

Both men and women can pack for the trip to look sharp and yet still not overheat by choosing the best summer fabrics.

Best Summer Fabrics

The 3 Best Summer Fabrics

Most summer fabrics are cotton. Make sure that you buy 100% cotton so that the pants are breathable!

The coolest cotton choices:

  • Madras shirts and clothing are only handmade. They are usually plaids and use shorter fibers than the following cottons. Do a breathable test by actually trying to breath through it, to be sure that it is not a fake madras.
  • Seersucker is recognizable by the thin crinkly fabric. It does not rest on your skin when worn so allows air to circulate inside, keeping you cooler.
  • Chambray is sometimes mistaken for denim. A closer look will reveal white threads running one way and blue the other. It is one of the best summer shirts.

Linen For Summer Clothing

Another summer fabric is linen. Linen is cool, breathable, lightweight and absorbs moisture well. People have worn it for years for those reasons.

It always looks wrinkled so some people do not like it for that reason.

Summer Wool

While we often do not think of wool in the summer there are some lightweight wools designed for tropical weather that are extremely comfortable.

They are moisture-wicking, odor-resistant and basically wrinkle-free. Cleaning is almost as simple as hanging in the closet between uses, then dry cleaning occasionally to remove stains.

Regardless of your summer fabric choices be sure to pick summer-appropriate colors that are trending in 2019. Not only do summer colors reflect the feeling of the season, they also reflect the sun and help keep you cool!

Shop For The Best Summer Fabrics

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