2019 Summer Color Trends

It is not too late to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of 2019’s summer color trends. This year the color trends are bright and uplifting!

What Are The Summer Color Trends?

Bright orange-reds as well as deep intense shades of red are top on the list of colors for the 2019 summer season. Both these colors indicate a hope for the future and a desire for FUN!!

Complementing those colors is the strong orange but not exactly orange color, often called tumeric.  Tumeric will spice up any wardrobe!

Mango, a color quite different from that of tumeric, is showing up on the decks of most cruise ships and the fashion runways as well. This is a happy color that brings pleasure to the wearer and observer.

Complementing these bright and bold colors is the yellow-green “pepper.” It is a calming color which will bring you back to nature.
2019 Color Trends

The throwback color almost-royal blue is a popular 2019 summer color trend as well. This cool, deep color keeps you looking fresh and crisp.

Pink & Beige Top Summer Color Trend

The sweet pink color is also making a comeback and when paired with beige it’s the top summer color trend of the season. While beige is pretty basic, when you mix it with a little of the less saturated pinks (not hot pink) your fashion will be the top of the trend!!

If you are looking for something softer, the coral shade is popular for your more casual outfits.
Summer Color Trends
Pick up a few fashion pieces in the 2019 summer color trends before your vacation and you will be right in style!

2019 Summer Color Trends

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