Make Your Family Vacation Budget Affordable

A limited vacation budget with kids is definitely possible when you make realistic choices and carefully think through your options.

Things To Consider On A Vacation Budget

Travel During Off-Peak: Keeping in line with your vacation budget will be easier if you travel when others are not. Hotels, car rentals and airfare are all based on supply and demand. The higher the demand, the higher the fees.

If your children are pre-school age, then reduced pricing will be available at many destinations which would be higher-priced during the school year. Plan your vacations when the local students are in school.

School age children with good attendance may be permitted to take an educational school leave pre-Christmas break so the whole family can enjoy the lower pricing.

Off-peak could also mean traveling or vacationing on weekdays as opposed to weekends.

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Hit The Parks: Parks are often free or have only a minimal entrance fee. Once there, the beauty is free to enjoy!!

Campsites include a wide variety of levels for ‘roughing it’.

While camping may not be for everyone, many US state parks have furnished cabins. These are equipped with basic furniture, electricity and kitchen appliances. You must bring your own pots, pans, linens, etc. They are not free but prices are far lower than your average motel and come complete with built-in activities such as hiking, fishing, and more depending on the park.

Go To The Least Popular Beaches: If you prefer the beach, coastal resorts can be pricey but there are off-the-beaten-track alternatives. For example many Gulf beaches have lower pricing for lodging and activities than the popular ocean coastline. Think Galveston, TX vs Miami, FL.

Warehouse Store Travel Packages: Many of the subscription warehouse stores now offer travel services. You can save several hundred dollars buying a family vacation package at Costco over booking it on your own.

Book In Advance: While many travel sites brag about last-minute deals, statistics show that booking between 52 days and three months before your travel dates will give you the best airline pricing. You may find last-minute deals but it is not worth the risk.

Buy Airline Tickets One At A Time: This sounds counter intuitive but there are multiple priced tickets on a given flight. When shopping for a family of four, if there is a couple of lower price tickets available but not enough for the whole family then you will never be offered those. When traveling as a family on a vacation budget, if the kids are old enough to sit on their own you may find discounted tickets by buying one at a time instead of blocks.

Go On A Budget Cruise:  Why cruise? There are budget cruises and extravagant cruises. Find one to match  your  vacation budget and you will be able to relax and be confident that it is an all-inclusive trip.

Careful consideration of your family vacation budget along with careful shopping for the perfect trip takes time but you will save money when you shop wisely!

Make Your Family Vacation Budget Affordable

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