What To Do With Vintage Family Jewelry

Pieces of vintage family jewelry can be some of your most prized possessions.

If your grandmother gave you her grandma’s engagement ring, what should you do with it?

These vintage family jewelry pieces can be full of sentimental value, so be sure to get the most out of them!

vintage family jewelry

What To Do With Vintage Family Jewelry

Even if you plan to sell your vintage family jewelry on consignment these are good steps to follow to take care of the quality jewelry pieces.

Have It Appraised:
The only way to determine the true value of any vintage piece of family jewelry is to take it to a professional. This will also assist you in deciding when to wear it and where to store it. The jeweler can also tell you the best way to clean your vintage piece as well as whether extra insurance may be required.

Clean It:
The proper cleaning technique is essential to preserve your grandmother’s jewelry. Follow the instructions from the professional!!! The wrong cleaning technique or chemical could totally ruin a vintage piece.

Store It Properly:
The pieces you plan to wear should be held in a quality jewelry box with separate padded compartments and a tight-closing lid. For long-term storage of family heirloom pieces, it is wise to invest in compartmentalized archival boxes. Line these with acid-free tissue. Before putting items into storage, a good cleaning would be wise.

Document The History:
A vintage jewelry piece that has been handed down through generations should be carefully documented. If you plan to hand the pieces down to future generations, the historical records are important. Photograph the pieces and print both the photos and the documentation of the history. Keep the historical records and the photographs in a couple of locations, both digitally and in hard copy.

Wear Your Heirloom Jewelry
What is the fun of heirloom jewelry if you do not wear it? Just think about the setting and make sure you are protecting it. Some may be too delicate for wearing to the family picnic but perfect for a wedding.

Sell It?
You can always sell it if the sentimental value is not there for you, then use the money to buy new pieces that you will wear.

Your vintage family jewelry should be appraised, cleaned properly, stored correctly and documented regardless of whether you are going to sell it or wear it!

What To Do With Vintage Family Jewelry

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